seeding global tech companies with European roots 

earned your wings as a founder?

start angel investing

to stay relevant & give back

Angelize is where European founders come together to write first cheques.
We angelize founders by providing capital, back-office support and access to our community.

Founders in our community were backed by leading technology investors.

because strong founders prefer to raise their first capital from peers

Successful entrepreneurs are arguably some of the most helpful start-up investors.
However, there’s a shortage of smart business angel money outside Silicon Valley
– particularly in Europe.


investing aligns interests

Get compensated for your time. Back somebody and you want to see them win.

investing keeps you sharp

Stay up to speed in tech and your field. Founders with a seat on the other side of the table are also better at running their own companies.

investing is a great way to give back

Get to create the change you want to see in the world by supporting it financially.